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Dash is a new media company on a mission to ignite human flourishing. Part of the GSV Constellation, Dash Media is built on the ideals of entrepreneurship, innovation, education, impact, and opportunity. We aspire to inspire the members of our community…making them healthier, wealthier, and wiser. 

Our demographic is “doers” who are always ready to embrace tomorrow. We are not a community of spectators, but of people who are in the arena. Whether you're a freshman in college, an aspiring entrepreneur, an investor, or a veteran executive, our goal is to equip audiences at every stage with what they need to build meaningful, purpose-driven lives and careers. We are committed to creating a deeply engaged community of individuals who share a passion for identifying, analyzing, accelerating, and investing in the Stars of Tomorrow.

We have nothing against cynics and skeptics, but we're hard pressed to find one who has ever created anything of significance. Accordingly, our bias is towards the wild-eyed optimists who actually think they can make a dent in the universe. We’re inclusive, but we’re not for everyone.

At Dash Media, we have an allergic reaction to conventional wisdom. Most history-changing ideas seem ridiculous or even heretical at first…until they don’t. Our contributor model has a “no MOTO” rule – Masters of the Obvious are banned. Our network of builders allows our content to go beyond surface-level thinking, exploring provocative topics from original angles. We strive for independent thinkers – a camel is a horse built by a committee. In a world of “infobesity” where information has become abundant and commoditized, we provide an insight layer that stands out from the loud crowd. We’ll tell you what’s hot and what’s not, and what’s new and what’s next. 

Join us as we explore what it means to make your Dash count.

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Dash Media is your guide to the growth and innovation economy. Powered by global investment platform GSV, Dash is for those who share a passion for identifying, analyzing, accelerating, and investing in the Stars of Tomorrow.


Dash Media is a global media company on a mission to ignite human flourishing.
Founder and CEO, Global Silicon Valley (GSV). Investor in Facebook, Twitter, Coursera, Snap, Lyft, Chegg, Spotify, and more. Author of Finding the Next Starbucks.